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How high does the temperature of the water get?

The water temperature can be varied using a thermometer and by altering the fire with the regulator (air intake). Close the air intake once the desired temperature is reached, and the water temperature will not rise noticeably.

Does the bottom of the tub get slippery?

Bacteria can form if dirty water has been left in your hot tub. The bacteria can form a slippery coating which should be cleaned and disinfected. If the inside of your hot tub is cleaned regularly as per instructions, it should have a non – slippery surface.
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Is there a risk of burning myself on the boiler?

You should not touch the burner when it is lit; the burner is protected by a fence.  Surfaces underwater will not be hot on brief contact however sustained contact may cause a burn.

Does the flue get hot?

To avoid danger to users, the chimney (flue) above the cover board is insulated and timber – clad.

When at the correct depth, how deep is the water?

Inside the tub the maximum depth is 31” (80cm) with an initial fill depth of approx. 25” (65cm) providing for displacement of bodies.

Can Seating be fitted in the tub?

Yes seating can be fitted in your hot tub; we recommend low, removable seats. Fixed Seating, fitted by some other manufacturers, can be harder to clean.
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