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Hot Tub Maintenance

How often do I need to change the water?

One of the main differences with spa /Jacuzzi use is Herein.  We advise that you change the water after 2 close sessions. Bathers should be clean before entering the hot tub as we do not supply a noisy and unsightly filtration system.

Do I need to use chemicals to keep the water clean?

We recommend that you add the stated dose of disinfectant and stir well 1 hour before emptying. This prevents bacteria from growing in the timber. The disinfectant decomposes in water within around 30 – 40 minutes.

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How should the tub be cleaned?

When emptying the tub or whilst still wet, all accessible parts should be scrubbed and then rinsed afterwards.

How do I empty the tub?

We provide you with a tap and hose tail enabling you to water your garden with the hot tub’s contents. A drain hole with a plug is supplied for complete emptying.

How do I clean ash out of the boiler?

Once the embers are cold, most people can reach in with a shovel or scoop. We supply a long-handled dust pan/brush from us as an accessory.  Wood burns well on a bed of its own ash and may be used for 4 – 5 fires before emptying. There is no need to totally empty or clean the burner.

How regularly does the flue need sweeping?

The flue does not usually need sweeping. A good fire with the air inlet fully open, the flame will reach the top of the chimney which will stop any build-up of tar and soot inside.

How long can I expect my tub to last?

Cedar is one of the most rot – resistant timbers around. With good maintenance, the tub should easily last 20 years.

Does the wood fade and do I need to protect it with a wood protection treatment?

Over time the wood will fade or dis-colour, depending on the location of the tub. You can use similar wood protector to the one you use on your wooden garden furniture to the outside of the tub.

In a dry summer, will the wood shrink if the tub isn’t used?

Yes, if the tub is left empty and does not have a cover. We advise (after draining and cleaning) that you refill o 1-2” (5cm) and fit a cover.
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