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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to heat the water?

The time it takes to get the water up to temperature varies from Summer to Winter:

In the Summer, it takes around 1 ½ to heat the water from 14C to 34C.
In the Winter, it takes around 3 ½ to 4 hours to heat the water from 6C to 40C.

To maintain even heating, we advise occasional stirring.

How much fuel does the boiler need per session?

You should need around 2 bags of dry logs for a session, although you made need more for winter use.
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Can I use any other fuels?

No, the wood burner must only be filled with dry wood that is not fresh sawn or wet. The boilers surface temperature isn’t high enough to burn off the residue of tar in the burner as the boiler is underwater.

How many adults will comfortably fit in the hot tub?

6 adults can fit comfortably in the hot tub.

How much water can the tub hold?

The hot tub holds around 1.6 cubic metres of water, filled to the correct level 1 -2 inches above the firebox.  Without the boiler, the total capacity of the tub is about 2 cubic meters.

Do you supply covers?

We do supply a cover at an extra cost.

When the fire is burning is the hot tub noisy?

No - the fire occasionally gives a gentle crackle, however this adds to the ambience of the experience, creating a romantic atmosphere.

Is there much smoke produced from the flue?

A correctly managed fire that is built up steadily in 2 – 3 stages to a full fire box should only produce a minimal amount of smoke. Smoke occurs when there is not enough heat to burn off the gases.

Do I need a special concrete slab for the tub to stand on?

A 10’ circle (3cm) of flat concrete, flagstones, or gravel is needed for your hot tub to stand on.

Is the tub heavy, can I keep it on my decking?

Your hot tub will weigh about 2 tons when full. For this reason your hot tub must stand on a solid base. Your hot tub can be sunken or can have decking built around it providing levels allow tub draining to take place and there is no obstruction to airflow around the base.
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